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We will be asking that for a year of participation in ESW, you pay a membership fee of $45. This encourages members to participate in their projects regularly and gives the organization much needed funding which is used to pay for ESW National Membership, food at meetings, and events.
In return for membership dues you will receive:
  • The ability to participate in project groups.

  • An ESW T-shirt.

  • Discounts on ESW merchandise (pins, decals,mugs, graduation cords).

  • Participation in industry tours.

  • Opportunities to Volunteer. 

ESW Global
ESW at UCI is one of many chapters around the world. For more information on the ESW organization, visit this link!
Got Project Ideas?
We would like to hear your idea for new projects that you would like to see at UCI. If you have an idea you would like to share, please use the link below:
Got Industry Tours/Events/Info Sessions/Volunteering Opportunities?
Is there a company you would love to visit? A company that you would like to invite out to ESW meetings for an info session? Is there somewhere that you would like to see ESW get involved in volunteering? Our very own VPE Adrienne wants to know what companies you are interested in and what places / events you would like us to volunteer at! Let her know in the form below:
Social Media
Here are our official organization pages. Click here to find out more about ESW at UCI.
Here are the Facebook pages associated with our current project groups. To find out more about the individual project groups including when and where they meet, please explore and join their Facebook group.
GRID Alternatives
GRID Alternatives is a non-profit company with a mission to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to under served communities. ESW at UCI is interested in partnering with GRID to provide our members with volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience with solar panel technology. If you are interested please let us know by filling out the form below:
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