ESW at UCI is all about engaging students to become active participants in sustainability. We have several projects underway where UCI students of all backgrounds work together to showcase their talents and work towards sustainability in different ways. 
Airborne Wind Energy

The Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) seeks to create a cheaper, easier to produce, and more efficient method of harnessing energy.

Power Mat

The Piezoelectric Mat project is working to create mats that replace walkways to turn pedestrian movement into stored energy.

Digital Waste Bins

The Digital Waste Bins encourage proper sorting of waste. Screens show both what goes in each bin as well as the footprint created by that waste.

Sustainable Home

The Sustainable Home Project goal is to create a sustainable house's brick out of reusable plastic for people in third world country

Electric Bicycle

The Electric Bike project is making a stationary bike that will capture energy to store it for future use such as phone charging.

Rocket Heater

The Rocket Heater project is working on a heater that can efficient burn and retain heat for poor community and village.

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